I investigate and record roadside GUN CRIME in the UK. This very violent form of crime is officially unseen, unheard of, unchallenged and unrecorded. Illegal experimenting with firearms and the intimidating symbolism that remains, exist throughout the country.


Gun crime which results in people being killed or injured in the UK is at an all time low. Security commentators are keen to stress that whilst terrorist attacks of some kind are still probable in the UK it is less likely to involve the firearm style attacks we are witnessing on mainland Europe. This apparently is due to our robust gun laws, island status, the efforts of the security agencies who have intercepted plots, choked the supply of illegal firearms, (for whatever intended use), and ballistic profiling usage data for the few that now exist.












                                            468 LOCATIONS in 38 COUNTIES                                




       10 - .22 bullet impact, minor road to Winchester Hill from Clanfield, Hants.

                12 - Shotgun pattern blast, minor road NE of Walesby, Lincs

     12 - Shotgun pattern blast and penetration, x 2 structures, Nettleton, Lincs

          12 - Shotgun pattern blast, village sign SE of Great Limber, Lincs

    12 - Total of 4 deep .22 bullet impacts on 2 structures, Brocklesby, Lincs

12 - Shotgun pattern blast and bullet impact, direction sign, Waddingham, Lincs

 19 - Bullet penetrations x 2 sites, minor road north of Swaffham Prior, Cambs

         23 - Bullet penetration, Neighbourhood Watch sign, Condicote, Glos

        31 - Shotgun slug penetration, Buckle Street, NW of Condicote, Glos.




                 03 - Bullet impact, A419 southbound near Cricklade, Glos

          03 - 3 x bullet penetrations, village sign for Thruxton, Hampshire

       10 - .22LR bullet, very fresh part penetration, near Finchdean, Hants.

        (Reported to PCSO's who were passing the scene during inspection)






In 2010 Dr Derek Allsop from Cranfield University directed a thesis compiled as an investigation. A study of 40 gunfire damaged roadside features in Oxfordshire disclosed weapon and ammunition types, firing positions, ranges and impact angles. A report was passed to Thames Valley Police and NABIS, The National Ballistics Intelligence Service.




The book, Gunfire Graffiti, is a very unique publication which includes a broad selection of photographs. Published by crime specialists, Waterside Press it reveals that evidence of gun crime is always close to us. The PM's office acknowledged receipt of a copy in 2012.






These direction signs between Fleet and Aldershot in Hampshire have been hit and penetrated by gunfire and oddly, struck from behind. Most shots are fired into the pictorial face of structures. Could this have been a lone gunman discharging a weapon from the driving seat of a vehicle. Strike angles were approx 45 degrees, range 8 metres.


In the top image the 6 strikes and penetrations suggests perhaps old ammunition with inconsistent propellent. In the lower image a single shot with a similar signature has struck the rear of a smaller sign 1/2 mile before suggesting the gunman was coming from the Aldershot direction. Perhaps the firer had a stoppage at the first target and moved on to fire further rounds into the second. With military training areas close by, the sound of gunfire would not have prompted any local concern. The attack occured after July 2009 because until a recent update you could view a clean structure on Google Earth Street View.


On the 29th December 2009, Andrew Copland shot and killed his 4 year old daughter, his partner, then himself at his home in Aldershot 4.5 miles from this location. He used an illegally held 9mm Beretta M1934 semi automatic pistol and ammunition dating back to the 1940's. The weapon had a 7 round magazine.


Is this a macabre rehearsal site, a "Memento Mori" of a shooting murder..........