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Thank you for finding my website which I hope you will find interesting. GUNFIRE GRAFFITI UK is a gun crime research project that records and reports evidence of roadside gun crime. That is the discharge of firearms and shotguns into steel/alloy roadside structures. Lack of awareness and “gun savvy” in the UK makes it easy for the perpetrators to illegally experiment and rehearse with all types of firearms. Shootings are often from within the confines of passing vehicles. The UK has strict gun laws but many of these shootings reveal the use of firearms that are banned from legal ownership.


The WHAT can be recognised and WHERE is there for all to find and see. The WHEN can be calculated and we can surmise, anticipate and debate WHY. The big question is WHO.

SPECIAL BLOG INSERT, Hampshire 14 July 2019 – The murder of Gurinderjit Rai.

Just before 10.00 am on Saturday 14th July, 41 year old Gurinderjit Rai from Eastleigh was found dead in a car parked in a lay-by near the Corhampton Golf Club in Hampshire………. 


We do know that Michael Ryan who perpetrated the Hungerford Massacre in 1987 went out at night in his car and carried out these type of shootings. He even admitted this to an employer before his rampage and Thames Valley Police found evidence close to Hungerford after his killing spree. A large amount of gunfire damage has appeared around the outskirts of Hungerford since 1987. The structure above has been replaced. The American gangster and gunman Clyde Barrow, (of Bonnie and Clyde fame), did the same in the 1930’s.

My research has prompted another linked study called BULLET PATH. This is a unique view of a selection of well known gun slay murders, terror attacks and assassinations that have occurred around the world. The site and BLOGS are regularly updated.

Having handled firearms for over 45 years, escaping from a random shooting incident in Spain in 1975 and completing a very active military career in the 1980’s I hope I can be considered qualified to research and comment. 





This 20mm shotgun slug penetration near the village of Twycross in Leicestershire was reported to the police who advised local media that it was probably, “Kids with catapults”. The murderer Raoul Moat shot and killed Chris Brown in July 2010 with a 12 bore shotgun using home adapted ammunition, (in this case 18mm lead fishing weights). Examples of this type of experimentation with shotguns is very commonplace throughout the UK.


To date a total of 588 sites have been found in the UK and Northern Ireland.

LATEST DISCOVERIES – (dates found or reported, not date occurred).

08 July 2019 – Shotgun pattern blast – (.410). Direction sign on the B4449 south of Eynsham, Oxfordshire.

30 June 2019 – Bullet impact depression .22LR rimfire. Speed limit sign alongside a cattle grid just inside the New Forest minor road route to the Rufus Stone off the A31 near Cadnam in Hampshire.

22 June 2019 – Shotgun slug penetration through a fixed diversion sign. Opposite Pudlicote Lane junction with the A361 just 4 miles south of Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

26 May 2019 – bullet penetrations x 3.Through a gradient warning sign in Chopping Knife Lane opposite a property in the village of Stitchcombe, Wiltshire. Just east of Marlborough.

13 May 2019 – Shotgun blast penetration through a bend warning side on the B4100, 4 miles NW of Bicester in Oxfordshire. Recent incident. URN 4686619

18 April 2019 – Bullet impacts, (.22), on a “Children Warning Sign”, on Abinger Common, Surrey. This was a reported local sighting.


My first book, GUNFIRE GRAFFITI – Overlooked Gun Crime in the UK was published by Waterside Press in 2012, written under the pseudonym of Matt Seiber  The preface was written by Nick Ross of BBC “Crimewatch” fame. This publication finally came about as a result of the ballistic research carried out in Oxfordshire by Cranfield University. It reveals some startling facts and a disturbing shortfall in the understanding of gun crime in the UK.




Throughout the BLOG section you will find my investigation details on – Killing the Archduke 1914, The White House Farm Murders – Jeremy Bamber 1985, The Hungerford Massacre 1987, Albert Dryden 1991, Jill Dando 1999, and the under reported “Dando Distraction”. The still unsolved Annecy Murders in France in 2012 have attracted wild speculation and conspiracy theories. The murder of John “Goldfinger” Palmer in 2015, remains a mystery. The murder of Gurinderjit Rai in rural Hampshire, 14 July 2019 is still under investigation.

Please have a look at Terrorist Shooters; what do we really know and understand. This feature is centred around a series of shooting incidents on the A68 in Northumbria. 

Also included is the strange case of  the visiting Austrian, Manual Wallner which took place in South Wales in 2015. His serious firearms offences were quickly dealt with, his weapons were confiscated, he was given a suspended sentence and he was deported. There is a bizarre twist however and physical evidence still available for all to inspect.

        I will always welcome your thoughts and comments, please feel free to email me at anytime.

Andy Rigsby, July 2019.

email: rigsbyandrew1@gmail.com